Juggling career AND family

Children – they are the most precious things we have, they make our lives lively and colourful. Children turn our view of the world upside down and cheerfully throw our plans into disarray. And they need time and our attention – just as our job does. Having children AND a career – is that possible?

How do you manage to get through an important conference the next day, when you have been spending the whole night comforting a feverish child? How do you build up a parent-child-relationship, when you should be busy working on your doctor’s degree? How do you find time for your partner, when every spare minute is filled with changing diapers, feeding, playing and comforting?

This workshop is focused on reflecting upon our own goals critically, setting priorities, time management and role expectations. In addition to techniques of self-management we will concentrate on resources and conditions concerning the individual participants that will satisfy the demands of a family and job. We will also analyse typical obstacles and discuss different work-life-models.

The course is intended for people with children or planning to have children, who are aiming for a career and who don’t want to forgo having a fulfilled family life.

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