Time and Self-Management for Young Researchers

Doing research, teaching, professional development, private arrangements, the family situation and last but not least working on the thesis: Young researchers quite often have the feeling that there is not enough time for import tasks. Without an excellent time management it seems difficult to manage heterogeneous demands and to reach results in time and under time pressure.

However, in a world that is becoming more complex each day and where people’s work profiles are highly individualized, it is almost impossible to implement conventional time management techniques on a one-size-fits-all basis. Rather, each person needs to develop a time management approach that matches his or her personal and professional goals.

For this reason, the focus in the first part of the course is on reflecting on ourselves and our goals: Where am I coming from? Where am I? Where do I want to go? What long-term and short-term goals do I want to achieve? What resources do I already have for doing this, which ones do I still need? What are my priorities?

In the second part of the workshop we will concentrate on actual implementation: What tools and approaches are available to me so that I can work more effectively and efficiently? How can I integrate these into my day-to-day (working) life? How can I manage to keep the big picture in mind, despite the “daily business”? Which approaches and tools can I use to avoid and overcome stress?

We will also analyze typical obstacles, role patterns and discuss different work-life-models.

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